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Care Manager Of The Year Award!

Our annual Care Manager of the Year tribute honors the unsung heroes of healthcare who embody exceptional care management through compassion, dedication, and tireless patient advocacy.

MedScope is accepting nominations for the 2024 Care Manager of the Year Award. Aligning with the National Case Management Week, Oct. 13 – 19, 2024. We’ve made it easier than ever to nominate an outstanding care manager. Click the Submit Nominee button and then click submit. This is your chance to honor someone who exemplifies the care manager title and goes above and beyond.








Celebrate & Be Celebrated


Top Honorees

The top honorees will receive a certificate of recognition, a $1,000 grant to be donated to a charity of their choice, and will be showcased on the MedScope website.


Honorable Mentions

Each honorable mention will receive a certificate of recognition and a $100 grant to be donated to a charity of their choice.


All Nominees

Nominees will receive a recognition email and a certificate of nomination.

Powerful Stories About Past Honorees

“Jen is an outstanding care manager and co-worker. I have seen this woman go without sleep in order to assist clients. Recently a client was stranded at the CICOA offices. Jen stayed late, rallied the troops, and got a ride home for the wheelchair bound client. This is just one of the many, many times I have seen Jen exceed all expectations for care management and get things done. Jen has also taken on extra work and assisted with annuals from other caseloads. She is a real team player!”

-Cathy D. 

“Vary has demonstrated kindness and compassion for everyone she comes in contact with. I’ve had the privilege of knowing her for many years and have always looked up to her as my mentor. She has always guided me in the right direction in terms of being a better caregiver. She wants the best for everyone! Vary goes above and beyond for clients and caregivers and is very deserving of this award!”

-Rabica T. 

How’s It Work?


The Care Manager of the Year Award was established to celebrate the extraordinary compassion and skill care managers provide patients every day. Each submission is reviewed by an in-house team of MedScope employees, who will select top honorees and honorable mentions.


Each top honoree will receive a $1000 grant that will be donated to a charity of their choice. The top honorees will be showcased on our website. The honorable mentions will receive a $100 grant donated to a charity of their choice. All nominees will be sent a certification of recognition. Nominations will be accepted until 10/19/2024.

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2024 National Case Management Week Drawing Rules & Information

  • Participation is voluntary and open to all Case Managers, Care Managers, Care Coordinators, Support Coordinators, Service Coordinators, Utilization Managers, Authorization team members, Program Managers, Social Workers and all related Supervisors/Managers/Directors from any organization where MedScope America, Inc. is a contracted/authorized service provider.
  • To participate, simply click the Submit Nominee button on the website page and complete the submission form by filling out the information requested and hitting the Submit button.
  • Complete and submit this submission form no later than midnight, Eastern, on October 19, 2024.
  • Selection of award recipients shall be conducted by a selected group of MedScope employees who will review all submissions received in accordance with the rules outlined herein. The selection of award recipients shall be completed on or about October 30 and made public on this website and elsewhere shortly thereafter.
  • All charitable donations will be given to a 503c charitable organization of the award recipients choice.
  • Multiple submissions are allowed from a single individual.
  • All submissions become the sole property of MedScope America, Inc. and all persons who participate by submitting a nominee or descriptive summary of a deserving individual or team agree to allow MedScope America, Inc. to share, disseminate, publish, or otherwise post in hard copy or electronic media format the full original and/or edited version of the submission.
  • All questions should be addressed via email to MedScope marketing at
  • All participants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • This award is given regardless of whether the top honorees, honorable mentions, or nominees used, have used or will use MedScope America, Inc services.